About Us

Kyle Hatfield

Hey - welcome to American Hatfield. My entire life, I've had an obsession with design, decor and everything in between. From the earliest memories I have, I can remember rearranging the furniture and decor in my home - in a way, it was my version of the game called "house" that many children play growing up. However, over time, design and arrangement has become much more than a game - it has become a kindling blaze of passion for me to create experiences for my customers based off the inspiring trips, sights, smells and adventures I've had the pleasure to behold.

I was raised on a farm, in a very small town in Choska Bottoms, Oklahoma. Many of my significant memories include things that I remember sensing, from the feel of cozy wool blankets, to the scent of kindling fire embers to the taste of cinnamon and vanilla. As I grew up, my passion for design and adventure only became stronger as I began to press forward to see where I would go with my life. That passion has led my on all sorts of marvelous and magnificent excursions from coast to coast and mountaintop to mountaintop. However, when it came time for me to enter the workforce, it was time to face, what I felt was, reality; looking back though, I would say I settled.

I worked in a factory for a company, International, building buses - anywhere between 40-75 buses a day. The factory had no air conditioning and was the faithful home to relentless waves of dust. One day, ten years later, as I was walking out to take my lunch, I decided that I wouldn't be returning. I sat in the parking lot for almost an hour, crying and wondering to myself what I was going to do now - where my next adventure would take me. It was at that moment I decided that I was done settling; it was time for me to take a risk and do what I loved, whatever the cost.

Looking back, I can't help but find myself grateful to wake up each and every day and head to work to get paid to do what I love and revives my soul. But American Hatfield is more than just a way for me to live my dream - it's a way for me allow my mother, who passed away in March of 2015, to live vicariously through me as I create a shop similar to the many antique and decor shops that we would frequent so often on our family vacations. My mother was not only an incredible source of motivation for me when I was younger, but also a source of inspiration, and it is to her that this store is dedicated.

I feel lucky in so many ways to come to work everyday and anticipate seeing American Hatfield establish it's presence in various cities throughout the U.S. Until then, I leave you with but a few words; they are, in fact, the very words that have become my motto: Get out, explore, discover and live.

From this adventure to the next,
Kyle Hatfield