AH Roll-On Cologne

AH Roll-On Cologne

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A 10 ml moisturizing and silky blend of jojoba oil and coconut oil in a convenient and portable amber rollerball.

These enticing scents are complex layers of warm musk, triggering pheromonal senses.

Musk + Sandalwood

 A deep, woodsy scent with a soft hint of white musk.

Lone Wolf

Soft leather with a musky base of woods and spice.

The Legend

A blend of tobacco flower and Tahitian vanilla with soft and spicy hints of wood.


A clean musky, fresh scent with tonka bean and sandalwood.


A soft, musky, and woodsy scent, reminiscent of walking through dry and fragrant sappy trees at the edge of a barren desert.

Iron + Bear

Rosewood and vetiver combined with jasmine and orange to create a sweet, musky blend. This one is our lead candlemaker’s favorite fragrances.


Agar wood and white musk blended to create a strong woody scent. Top notes include lavender and lemon.

Sandalwood Jasmine

A sensual, yet refreshing blend of sandalwood, patchouli, and jasmine melded together to create a delicate and balanced fragrance.

Wood and Sage

A clean and fresh blend of wood, sea salt, and white sage.